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Studio Search. This is a gift to all the studios that have added trophies to their models bios. Be advised that last 30 days by default does not cut off at the current time so for example if it were 5/31 at 5pm then last 30 days would not start counting on 5/1 at 5pm it would include the entire day of 5/1. This means that amount of hours will.Goddess Venus. September 10 ·. Shout out to @officialgemgallardo_ggmg and @diamondgem35 for lettin me host the #VOCALCHAMBERLIVE. along side @sodrewski 🔥🔥. Follow the bro @water_walker3 Aka Hazeus.”They call him Hazeus bc when he gets on them tracks, he be walkin on water” 🔥 🔥🔥💯💯. All of the Artists definitely did.The latest tweets from @venusdommeGodess Venus is a New York City financial dominatrix and independent femdom/fetish clip artist. Browse photos, learn more about financial domination, buy clips, and contact me now. Submissive males, you have found your new home as Mistress Goddess Venus's feet.GoddessVenus, Los Angeles, California. 24 likes · 1 talking about this. Social Media strategist specializing in PR and MarketingVenus (/ ˈviːnəs /, Classical Latin: / ˈwɛnʊs /; genitive Veneris / ˈwɛnɛrɪs /) is a Roman goddess, whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity, and victory. In Roman mythology, she was the ancestor of the Roman people through her son, Aeneas, who survived the fall of Troy and fled to Italy goddessvenus.Venus was one of the Dei Consentes, the Roman Council of 12, the 12 major gods in ancient Rome. Myths about Venus show that she could be kind or merciless. To be fair to Venus, she was not at all like Mars, the god of war. Mars loved to cause pain and havoc just for the fun of it. Venus only caused havoc accidentally, or if you did something. Goddessvenus.


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  3. Goddess Venus ♡ New York City (@venusyourgod) | Twitter
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